What Did Juan Do?!

What the fu*k Juan?

What the fu*k Juan?

What the fu*k Juan?

Juan. Juan. Juan…

So, I was listening to The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez the other night, and I could not help but notice that in the beginning when she’s saying what the heart wants, it sounds like she is saying what the fu*k Juan.

I do not know what caused my ears to hear something so off, but now everytime I listen to the song I laugh.

What if she secretly is saying Juan? Would Juan be the spanish name for Justin?

I am pretty sure the song is talking about Justin Bieber, and saying Juan makes it like she is talking about someone else, even though she is talking about Bieber indirectly.

I’m kidding. This isn’t a serious analysis. It’s simply how I misheard what she was saying in the beginning of the song. Or maybe I have a different version of the song? Haha.

You’re welcome. I’ve ruined the song for you. But at least it’s while the song is simmering down and not getting played all over the radio.

So, good luck. I changed the song for you.

You will never be able to listen to this song again without hearing WHAT THE FU*K JUAN! Haha.

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