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Fifty Shades of Bridget Jones?!

I watched Bridget Jones’s Diary for the first time today. Amazing movie I must say. But, I couldn’t help but think about Fifty Shades of Grey in the beginning of the movie. Maybe I’m just really excited for Fifty Shades Darker because it is my favorite book and I see it in everything I watch and read. But, my opinion like I said.

First of all, the racy emails between Bridget and Daniel remind me so much of the naughty emails between Ana and Christian. Especially the setting of it being while at work.

Which, brings me to my next comparison. Bridget works in publishing and Ana works in publishing. She also was an assistant for her boss, Jack Hyde who has the hots for her. Although they never have an affair, there is some tension between Jack and Christian like with Daniel and Mark.

Like Daniel and Mark in Bridget Jones’s Diary, Jack and Christian both knew each other from the past and both have an attraction to this girl in the present.

For some reason, I also feel that Daniel Cleaver resembles Christian Grey, an older tad bit less cute Christian Grey perhaps.

So much in common…

So, did E.L. James get inspired by Bridget Jones’s Diary? Hmmm. Who knows. Just thought I would throw that out there.

However, that is not all I picked up from this movie.

This amazing movie I gave five fabulous stars on Netflix.

Bridget Jones is the symbol of girl power.

In the beginning I was like she is so stupid. Her goal is to change who she is (smoking and drinking I agree due to health issues) and to get a boyfriend. This, and the fact that Daniel was so hot upset me  because why does the hot guy have to be such a twat? Lol

I was ready to stop watching, but NEVER judge a movie by the first ten minutes.

This movie got so much better. It pulled on my heart strings. It hit home. It took me down memory lane. It made me laugh. It made me even want to cry at some parts.

I can’t say enough times how amazing this movie is. I do not rate a movie five stars unless I can’t shut up about it and recommend it to others like right now.

I love that sense of feminism and girl power in the middle. She decides to screw looking for a man! I am going to do this for myself!

She starts going to the gym, and finds her a new job. I was like YES!

And how she quit her job with the Publishing company, I loved it.

This movie would be good for girls to watch. A great lesson is buried within it:

-quit looking for love let it come to you

-don’t change yourself for anyone, especially not a man, because someone out there loves you just as you are

-be strong and independent

-love and appreciate yourself

Now, on to Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 🙂

P.S. Diaries are awesome!

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