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Happy Ending (My First Poem)

I didn’t start expressing myself through poetry until Freshman year of High school. Even though I’ve been writing since I was eight, I didn’t begin poetry writing until I was fourteen. This is the first poem I have ever written. I’m sharing it in honor of Throwback Thursday. Looking back at it, I think it is poorly written and cliche and just could be so much better. Hahaha. But don’t we all look back at our old writing and just critique the hell out of it? I do. lol. We get better as we get older. But I like being able to go look back at my old poetry. It shows my growth and it shows my life in that moment. So again, here is the first poem I ever written. lol. And it’s sad to say, but my first poem was about a boy. Blech. Hahaha. Here we go:

You and I are like one of those sappy romance movies.

But we’re stuck in the falling action where nothing happens between us.

I want, more than anything, this movie to end and have a happy ending.

We’ve had our introduction

our conflict

our rising action

and falling action.

Every part but the part I crave.

We’re having trouble progressing to the best part.

The part where you and I get to just be together and be happy.

We’re a bad romance movie.

We have nothing.

I want something. I want my happy ending with you.

Ouch. PAINFUL to write because I just see how bad it sucks now years later. Haha. But, on the bright side, Dictatorship was written right after this about the same time and I am very proud of that one so whoo hoo to progress! Happy Thursday!

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