A Day In My Life

Back to School!

I started school yesterday, Monday. Because of this dual degree program I am in, I take graduate classes while working on my bachelor’s. Monday, one of my graduate classes started. But, since school didn’t officially start until today, I decided to write my back to school post today. Haha

I am now a sophomore in college. Seeing all of the freshmen made me feel so old, but also cool at the same time. Like yeah I know where everything is at, I know some of the teachers, I know how college works har har har. But, it also took me backwards on the horizontal timeline back to my freshman year. Moving into the dorms, meeting new people, not knowing what college is like, and the biggest thing of all: dressing to impress!

You can tell who is a freshman and who is not. All of the freshmen had on their new, cute back to school clothes. Then, there were people like me who just do not care to put in the effort in a hoodie and plain pants. I have my days where I like to get all fancy, but I just was not feeling it today. The first day of school is usually sacred and a day you MUST look flawless, but all of that first day stuff just doesn’t really matter after freshman year of college.

I had got a few new shirts over the summer. Didn’t even bother to get a new backpack. I used to HAVE to get a new backpack every year, and my mom scolded me  because of it because I used to have so many backpacks. But now, I have adult things to worry about I guess. For example, I moved into my apartment so I had to get everything for my apartment. But you also just lose the back to school spirit.

After freshman year it’s kind of just like getting these classes out of the way and getting closer to my career. ESPECIALLY for graduate school. Graduate school is so career-oriented that they don’t even have a back to school announcement, you just start going back.

I walked into the graduate class afraid. You can’t get lower than a B if you want to pass the class and I heard there’s more work because you meet less frequently, and most of the students in these classes already have adult jobs. But, it was different walking into my graduate class.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s an Education graduate course or if all are like this, but wow. This might be my favorite class. Haha. I walked inside with my tail between my legs and said hello to the teacher. She had name tags for us and then in the back of the classroom she had a snack station. There was bananas and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and NUTELLA (YUMMMMMMM!). Then we even had a rock, paper, scissors competition. And the best part of this class is that there won’t be any quizzes or tests! It’s the first thing I always look for in the syllabus. Haha. Graduate school is not bad, and somehow that first class was more exciting than the start of my undergraduate sophomore year.

Maybe Graduate school deserves a back to school marking on the calendar. And, trust me I love school. I just do not see it as a big deal anymore. I used to see back to school as cheerleaders cheering, and a mascot running around, and a bunch of craziness. Now, I just see myself walking back onto campus to continue my education.

P.S. Stay in school 🙂

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