My Poetry

Bow Tie Guy

The bow tie possesses your security. When it comes off though, there’s nothing left but obscurity.

You’re a popular guy, idolized and praised. But, you’re disgusted by the way people glorify your name.

You’re a liar. Fooling all of those you thrive to inspire.

You show the world this triumphant guy but who is he? You’re not perfect like you pretend to be.

You’re simply a shy, normal, boy trying to get by. But your true self can’t be seen by the naked eye.

You’re terrified, you cry, you make mistakes, you’re vulnerable… But, but it’s okay! Humans were created this way!

No one knows who you really are, no one cares to ask. But for me, you took off your thick mask.

You don’t have to be perfect to be adored. Be who you are, don’t lie. I love the real guy, behind the bow tie.

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