That beautiful orange bubble…

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed it. Glowing, yelling for my attention. I looked at the corner of the screen and noticed its orange beauty. I clicked it and saw that I gained a follower. It is just one, but that one to mean does not stand for one. It stands for hope, prosperity, and an inch up the ladder of success. I have a follower now. Soon I will have more followers. The orange button will glow and glow and glow and I will keep succeeding. People will notice me. A random person noticed me. That random person believes in my writing with only a minor sample of it. That beautiful little circle made me see my dreams are possible, and overtime it is possible to be a popular blog. But, I don’t have to be a popular and famous blog. I desire visibility. I desire to be seen, for my writing to be seen and enjoyed. And, that bubble shows me I am visible and that my blog has potential. It is one follower for now, but maybe soon it will be one hundred. Hello optimism…

6 thoughts on “That beautiful orange bubble…”

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    I like this a lot. It is honest and shows a true appreciation for a “follow” regardless what that follow means in the long run. You have a great attitude and I wish you the best with your blogging! Hope you don’t mind me sharing this post, it was on point! -OM
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