A Day In My Life


As I said yesterday, I had a bunch of DIYs that I need to do before tomorrow that I didn’t feel like doing myself. Today, I got them done! I painted my glasses I got at my housewarming. Unfortunately, one broke (not going to lie, I did it myself because I did not like how the permanent design came out, so I chucked it. But, if any of my family asks what happened to my fourth glass, it broke). But, the three glasses I did make came out amazing. And, the bottle I painted for my dining table came out so beautiful and random just how I like to do art.

I am proud of my creations. I am most proud of my dressers (I spraypainted the fronts yellow), and out of the eight fronts, I only spraypainted one myself. My dad showed me how to spraypaint, and he ended up doing almost all eight of them, thank god. A drop of his sweat even fell onto the dresser and is stuck under the spraypaint so now I will always remember this day when we spraypainted together, well when I watched him spraypaint my dressers for me in the hot sun. It shows how he would do anything for me and how much he loves me.

I still have more to do, but I got what I needed to get done before I moved into my apartment. And doing the DIYs is not the last hard part. Another hard part comes when I move in Friday. Putting everything where it belongs, unpacking, putting up pictures, and decorating. Like they say, creative people are very indecisive and I have proven it true because I’ve returned items this summer that I changed my mind about for my apartment. But even through all of the indecisiveness, my sucky spraypainting skills, and my “broken” glass, I am glad I decided to do all of these things myself.

Next Step: Figure out which DIY headboard I want to do. (I have already changed my mind two times. Uh oh. Haha)

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