My summer has ran by, and now the time has come to pack up my things from my old room (in Arizona), and go back down to San Francisco. I spent my first year in the city living in the college dorms (thank god since the city is so expensive and hard to get a place), but I didn’t get on camping housing this year, and was thrown into the horrid catastrophe that is the San Francisco rent market.

After a month of open houses, tears, and rejection I finally found a place with amazing landlords. I thought the hard part was over, BUT I was wrong. Curse my creative brain for wanting to make personalized stuff! Why can’t I be lazy and take the easy way out? Every time I shop in Target, I slowly pass by the already decorated home objects and have to force my body away from them. I will not take a shortcut. I will get my DIY projects done in the next two days before I head back to San Francisco.

Spray Painting dressers, painting cups, painting bowls, painting plates, making a headboard, re-vamping old shelves, making cheesy signs for my kitchen (Just Beat it with an egg beater for example), making a “IMAGINE” sign because I love John Lennon and can’t get a wall sticker because it’s hard to come off, and much much more… I will get them done, and my apartment will look FABOULOUSSSSSS! 🙂



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