A Day In My Life

Lots of DIYs, but don’t feel like doing them myself

My summer has ran by, and now the time has come to pack up my things from my old room (in Arizona), and go back down to San Francisco. I spent my first year in the city living in the college dorms (thank god since the city is so expensive and hard to get a place), but I didn’t get on camping housing this year, and was thrown into the horrid catastrophe that is the San Francisco rent market.

After a month of open houses, tears, and rejection I finally found a place with amazing landlords. I thought the hard part was over, BUT I was wrong. Curse my creative brain for wanting to make personalized stuff! Why can’t I be lazy and take the easy way out? Every time I shop in Target, I slowly pass by the already decorated home objects and have to force my body away from them. I will not take a shortcut. I will get my DIY projects done in the next two days before I head back to San Francisco.

Spray Painting dressers, painting cups, painting bowls, painting plates, making a headboard, re-vamping old shelves, making cheesy signs for my kitchen (Just Beat it with an egg beater for example), making a “IMAGINE” sign because I love John Lennon and can’t get a wall sticker because it’s hard to come off, and much much more… I will get them done, and my apartment will look FABOULOUSSSSSS! 🙂


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