What Did Juan Do?!

What the fu*k Juan? What the fu*k Juan? What the fu*k Juan? Juan. Juan. Juan... So, I was listening to The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez the other night, and I could not help but notice that in the beginning when she's saying what the heart wants, it sounds like she is… Continue reading What Did Juan Do?!

My Opinions

Fifty Shades of Bridget Jones?!

I watched Bridget Jones's Diary for the first time today. Amazing movie I must say. But, I couldn't help but think about Fifty Shades of Grey in the beginning of the movie. Maybe I'm just really excited for Fifty Shades Darker because it is my favorite book and I see it in everything I watch… Continue reading Fifty Shades of Bridget Jones?!

Moments from my Memory, My Poetry

Happy Ending (My First Poem)

I didn't start expressing myself through poetry until Freshman year of High school. Even though I've been writing since I was eight, I didn't begin poetry writing until I was fourteen. This is the first poem I have ever written. I'm sharing it in honor of Throwback Thursday. Looking back at it, I think it… Continue reading Happy Ending (My First Poem)

Book Excerpts

Helpless (Snippet 1)

“Can you state your name and the reason you are here miss?” The doctor asked eyeing me with his pen. “Uh, my name is Luna Stewart. I am here against my will.” I said playing with my lip ring. I am nervous with all of these eyes on me, looking at me like I am… Continue reading Helpless (Snippet 1)

Book Excerpts

The Weekends (Snippet 1)

“Hey.”I said walking in the door after school. “Why are there boxes all over the place?” I was so confused. I hated not knowing things. I had no idea what was going on and was hoping my dad would fill me in. “It’s my stuff.”My dad said. “Mom finally convinced you to take all your… Continue reading The Weekends (Snippet 1)

A Day In My Life

Back to School!

I started school yesterday, Monday. Because of this dual degree program I am in, I take graduate classes while working on my bachelor's. Monday, one of my graduate classes started. But, since school didn't officially start until today, I decided to write my back to school post today. Haha I am now a sophomore in… Continue reading Back to School!

My Poetry


I was picking at a scab and opened up an old wound. As soon as the memories of you began to bleed out, I knew I was doomed. I should've never ripped off the band-aid. I should've just let the feelings fade... But now the dried up memories are fresh again. I think about you… Continue reading Scabs

My Poetry

Teen (Be One)

Pregnancy? How could you let that be? You're only seventeen. What about a degree? Posting pictures online... Thinking everything is just fine. I'm sorry, but I'm not saying congratulations. Having a baby while still a baby should not be a celebration. Get educated, not pregnant. Find yourself, don't try to find love. Explore, don't settle… Continue reading Teen (Be One)

My Poetry


My heart is overflowing with emotions. It's like a shutter holding in rain and it's about to burst. I've taken a bad fall for you. I wish I would've fell sooner though. I don't care how much the fall hurts, because maybe, if I would have realized my feelings sooner, just maybe we could have… Continue reading Departure